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Chromium free download for windows 7


Chromium 74.0.3728

Looking For An Alternative Lightweight And Quick Browser? Try Chromium

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Chromium 74.0.3728

Chromium Review:

 Are you looking to use an alternative web browser that offers more or less the same features like the popular browser you use, but offers a minimalist user interface? Do you want to use a separate browser where you will be able to access special websites meant for fun and entertainment? Well, whatever be your need, you can make use of the Chromium browser, an open source web browser, which shares most of its codes and features with the popular Google Chrome browser.  

 What Is Chromium Browser?

 The Chromium web browser is an open source project which is the basis for the popular web browser Google Chrome. This browser is offered for many other platforms as it is an open source project. Even though Chromium is not a brand of Google, it contains the same sync features that Google possesses and hence you can log in with your Google account to sync your data. Chromium suits best on Linux systems as it is an open source web browser and is also almost identical to the popular Chrome browser. It can be used as a default browser in the Linux distribution.  

 Key Features

 - The Chromium web interface is very simple, clean and minimalist, which means even novice web browser users will not have any problem to use it. 
 - It is a browser that offers you faster, easier and safer way to experience the web. 
 - The source codes of Chromium browser are used to build the Google's most popular Chrome browser.
 - There is no unnecessary clustering in the browser and hence you can enjoy an efficient web browsing experience. 
 - Importing your bookmarks and other settings from one browser to Chromium can be done seamlessly. 
 - A new tab or opening a new window will show a grid of all your most visited websites using the browser so that you can access your favorite web destinations easily and quickly. 


 - Fast, lightweight and stable.
 - Minimalistic user interface.
 - Address bar and a quick search box help to easily access content from the web. 

 The shifting from one web browser to another will surely need some time to get adjusted to. But, shifting to Chromium will not be that difficult as it has more or less similar features to Google Chrome and also is very simple and intuitive. The software comes as a zip file and will run on your system after the extraction and hence saves your time on installing it.

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